We Are Colorless by akri7

"We are Colorless" drawn by Akri, featuring 25 oldfags.

Oldfags keep the chat and forums spam free. There is always an oldfag waiting nearby with a banhammer ready to whack Saika spammers out of existence on the chat (after warnings of course). They keep many of the meaningful forums alive. Back then in the age of oldfags, main chat consisted of 50% yaoi and 50% rape. The oldest fag of them all is Gargod .

Let's discuss the misconceptions from the newfag point of view. "Usually members who are #4000 and less."

To oldfags, the number does not matter, just as long as you were THERE before the days of logging in, before the days of the forums, and before the days of the newfag invasion. YOU were there to prevent those invaders from 4chan. YOU were there when you could impersonate people and rape unsuspecting bystanders. YOU were there when Phones and Stevieh got married, YOU were part of the wedding, and YOU took part in the consummation that followed.. YOU were in Akri's drawings. YOU were there when Guest raped Anon. YOU know the sekret password to the haven after haven after haven after...