Colorless user Nandaba, more widely known as Pato (the black word for badass), was raised in a luxurious mansion in West Africa. His dark chocolate complexion and massive afro helped him greatly in his ascension to soaring heights in the African nobility. Alas, such glory does not go without its trials and strife. Corrupted by his riches and great looks, Pato was expelled from Africa for life when authorities learned of his disgustingly large stash of pirated animes and Team Fortress 2 paraphernalia. A quote allegedly from the African government itself: "pato can just get the fuck right out ok."

Disheartened and out for vengeance, the exiled Pato relocated to some godawful nation south of civilization and began plotting. Using the Colorless forums as his recruiting office, he currently employs a number of users in his terrible terrorist schemes against Africa that will never, ever succeed because they're totally stupid and his recruits don't give a shit (aside from the select few who have been won over by his luscious locks and silky skin). And he can only plot when he's actually awake and not playing the maracas, which isn't often. And most of his plans involve intimidation only, with replica TF2 and Clone Wars weapons. So he's not currently a serious threat, so y'all Africans can chill out.