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General Information[]

  • Name: n1xx
  • Age: 23
  • Gender: Female
  • Color:
  • Registration Date:
  • Oniguis personal teacher :D

Short Bio[]

n1xx is a really adorable and wonderful user who is beloved by many and is a delight to have around.
She is known as the momma of Mairu_Orihara. N1xx is the best for the best when it comes to being a kawaii lil badass.
She shows love and compassion, but under pressure or stress, she freaks out and will ban those on Tinychat who she THINKS are causing it. She is always asking about who is uncomfortable with creepers on there and for a good time to ban them.



  • Giving hugs
  • Saying "Joshie" (I AM YOUR PEDO.)
  • Shotas
  • Eroge
  • Fandubbing
  • Audio/Video Editing
  • Studying
  • Eating (Glutton)
  • SE- *SHOT*
  • Mairu(:3)


  • ...
  • ...
  • ...


  • Harry Potter.
  • Spooky's uke.
  • Nandaba's slave. 8D
  • Daikon's and Shinra-san's reliable older sister. <3
  • Mairu's mami<33


"I should have screen shoted Harry potter..."
"This is another quote!"