Mizaya is the person who created this wiki for all of colorless, this has made them the most undisputed and most awesome person ever. Some say that there are never before seen tribes in the amazon that still perform human sacrifices just to appease Mizaya. This is truly remarkable as they have never left their home and have neither internet access nor the ability to read the English language in which the Colorless site is written in.

Wants to be seme.

Mizaya is sometimes referred to affectionaly as Mi, but only by IIEarlGreyII. If you are not he then you cannot use this. He hath called dibs by writing this.

Mizaya is not butthurt by Spooky's attempts to troll her; rather she invites it, since she thinks trolling is fun if successful.

You do not speak directly to Mizaya, talk to IIEarlGreyII and he will decide if you are worthy. I will save you some time, you are not.

Mizaya MythsEdit

  • Mizaya is said to be 12 feet tall, but completely pulling it off.
  • Lightning is attracted to Mizaya and then turned into fudge.
  • There was once a war in the middle east that was won entirely by Mizaya. -Note: Not the one you're thinking about, and not involving any country you've heard of.
  • If Mizaya was placed into orbit global warming would end.
  • If Mizaya was removed from the planet demons would enslave us all.


  • Favorite: Rio and Izaya
  • Least Favorite: Shizuo