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MissCookie is a proud mortal, who is 15 years old.

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Personal Life Edit

My real name is Katie. I am 15 years old and live in North Carolina (in a lousy no name town lol). I do a lot of work in theatre and music, sometimes with MattyPoptart, a fellow CL member. I am a sophomore in high school while also taking college classes as part of a special program.

My "talents" as some call them include: Acting, singing, dancing, and writing. I guess you could say I do it all. I've been in 10 different shows either onstage or backstage on tech crew. I've danced for over 10 years at 2 different studios. The one I dance at now is located in our city mall (which you cannot even call a "mall").

Online other than Colorless Edit

I am also the somewhat famed Kuroshitsuji internet fanfic writer known as "Cookie" or "XxChocoMelloxX". I have been a writer on FanFiction for over 2 years and have written 23 stories for DRRR, Kuroshitsuji, Bleach, and even Lord of the Flies.

There are also various videos of myself performing on Youtube (not posted by me of course). Other websites I am on are Facebook, Youtube, DeviantART, Twitter, Yahoo, MySpace, AarinFantasy, DailyBooth, FictionPress, and ScrewAttack.

Relationship with MattyPoptart Edit

Many have asked about Matty and my relationship since we are "married" on CL. It's really just a joke, guys. We used to go out for 4 months before he broke up with me for some other chick which lasted nearly a month. We are just really good friends who screw around (not in that way) a lot and act crazy. No big deal really.