General InformationEdit

  • Name: Milk
  • Age: 17
  • Gender: Male
  • Color: Light Blue
  • Registration Date:
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Short BioEdit

Milk is a Colorless member who is rather salty. Also, he lives in Taiwan, is Cantonese and is technically from the UK (which makes him nationally confused for the most part). He is also in stagecraft. Milk scares the shit out of everyone because they don't know if he's totally manry or totally a trap. He had a previous account on colorless, but no one knows who he was. Also, he made a new account named MLK for the sake of having three letters. But either way, he's legit. Hot debate right now is whether he's manrier than Pato.

President Yotsubama has dubbed him as Vice President Milk "Frodo Faggins" Biden. Many support this decision.

A common OT3 pairing Milk is involved in is MLK x NGH x DSP which makes total sense. Right?...maybe not. He's a hostu at the local Colorless Host Club. He's part of the Three Letter Orgy Club, Colorless People With Food Names, and Frodo Faggins of the Fellowshit of the Colorless.



  • Watching ukes squirm in fear
  • Raping people on CL chat
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