m3l3ry is the uncontested questionable queen and self-proclaimed ruler of the California Colorless. Although she has (questionable again) direct dominion over the bay area her powers are far reaching and encompass the entire region of California and parts of the Pacific ocean. At present time her benevolence has yet to set forth laws for the sea creatures who indiscriminantly enter and exit her kingdom, so it is believed that she has a soft spot for our under sea brethren.

Unfortunately m3l3ry was not present in the first BayYay and therefore is not awesome enough to rule.

And yet she is so greatly beloved by her people that in fact she does rule, and she rules hard. That's what she said.

Obey her will or you will suffer....unless you're a far greater being and just don't give a damn. Luckily there is no one greater than her.

I'd really like to see you say that to Gar's face. Dear m3l3ry, we have nothing against you, it's just that some of your followers need to retake Colorless History 101.