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Hais is one of the fellow (azn) UKes, located in Wales giving her the title "Sheepu". She is also an oldfag and was known as "eatmymagnum" before the days of logging in, she also met Dutchie and Poverty back then and have been friends ever since. Back in the day, she was known as "Jailbait" between the UKes but lost that title on 12th July 2010. People used to believe she was a male because of her manry typing. Nowadays, Hais often types with capslock without the "a" being in capitals which often irritates DSP. Hais is currently dating Koizumi and has been since 20th September 2010.


  • Usually known as haisu, sheepu and imouto, RangleGoose often calls her hias.
  • User ID: #1494.
  • started the Acostoss fanclub.
  • started the (new) Birthday Thread and creates birthday cards on Users' birthdays.
  • Has azn speed and types very loudly when it comes to Skype.
  • Created "boob-five" and has been boobfiving Keri for 2 years.
  • Often used to *aznbritbrofists* with DSP.
  • *azncommonwealthbrofists* with Someone.
  • Has a problem with pronouncing "bucket".
  • Has different greetings for some other users.
  • Enjoys going into "imouto-mode" to make DSP go "baw baw e_e".
  • Enjoys tricking Wolfangle into believing that she is actually a boy.
  • Often uses emoticons after sentences.
  • Has a love for Natsume Yuujinchou (especially Nyanko-sensei)



  • "wo ai ni~ / 我爱你~" (to Shirosuke)
  • "pd, rabi rabi" (to PureBoredom)
  • "RYCaN, RaBU~"(to Lycan)
  • "Licks <3" (to erii-chii)
  • "sobs"
  • "tsun tsun~"
  • ";w;"


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