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The very creator of thecolorless, therefore known as "God" or "Gargod". He has thus, obviously, been around since even before the oldfags, thus being somewhat of a parent to them. Naturally, some of the oldfags would dislike their parent like any child of a parent would do at times. However, deep inside they know that if it weren't for him, they would never have met eachother and become what they are today.

Gargron has a team of more or less dependable and very questionable staff at his side to help him control thecolorless, because who would bother to be the lone person to keep this stupid site clean? The staff is stupid and they all love eachother.


In the beginning, Gargron was the admin and the developer at the same time. He was everything. He was the boss. But as any god would, he enjoyed creating far more than actually bossing around. This is when he began recruiting moderators, thus creating the staff. Time went by and then, when hecolorless had grown to the size of something huge, throbbing and warm, he decided to step down from the role as admin. He found Acostoss trustworthy enough and they now boss the site together with the rest of the staff. Acostoss (aka. momo) being the admin, Gargron being the developer. Gargron also made Trev his developing companion. Together they speak the godly language of code and create, transform and dissect thecolorless with the goal to make it the best site ever.


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