Reported picture of Dutchie, discussing the size of his latest bitch.

General InfoEdit

Dutchie is an oldfag user who has been going on Colorless since when it was first created. He plays guitar and claims to do it because he loves music rather than wanting to get girls. He does not like having information about himself in public and his Facebook page is known to only have a picture unless you are his friend. He did once have a page on the old Colorless Wiki.

Short BioEdit

Dutchie once fucked a clog so hard it became a tree again. Then he sculpted that tree with his jizz to form the ultimate guitar. Shit was very cash because there were about 11 strippers from Amsterdam cheering him on.


  • Guitar
  • He is the only person in the world who can look good in clogs, naked.
  • Currently resides in Keri's wardrobe.
  • One twang from his guitar makes all living creatures within a 3000 mile radius orgasm.
  • Enjoys eating Spotted Dick


  • Nandaba is his cunt.
  • Lycan Everyone is gay for him. Even the girls.
  • Keri is his manager
  • Hais is his master and he is willing to do anything for 2 pints


There is no information ATM!


There is no information ATM!