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Domo is a user on The Colorless. She is a newfag. She lives on some unknown island. Domo is a tumblrfag. Domo is an uke, but hates to admit it. Domo used to be The_original_Original but found out there was an already existing Original so she changed her name in shame. JoJo is her favorite user. some faggot she knows. :D Domo is also the lieutenant/combat nurse of the Slash and Burn Division of Eurynome.


Short BioEdit

Domo was born on an island in the Caribbean. She still lives there. On August 3, 2011, she discovered, a website that made her more socially inept than she already was. She is also a Good Girl.


  • Gender: Female.
  • Race: Blasian. Is that some sort of suit? No, JoJo. It's a ship.
  • Age: 12.
  • User number: 20952.
  • Everybody loves Domo. EVERYBODY. Except me.
  • Fag type (?):Newfag (GTFO).
  • Worships everybody. Especially oldfags.WARSHIPS KILL THEM ALL
  • Color: Some chestnut shit.


  • Everyone
  • Homestuck
  • People not knowing things about her
  • Being friends with everyone
  • JoJoBird's every word he writes
  • Making Arrekusu soup
  • Arrekusu


  • Bugs
  • Certain users
  • Cum sluts
  • Douchedicks
  • Arrekusu 5ever No u.


  • Maryam (sister/dupe account)
  • Deftones (father)
  • OverSol (Captain)
  • Arrekusu (receiver of Domo's soup/not Domo's daughter since Viral is her mother/ Yes because I could become Viral's yuri lover/nope because then you'd be my father, not my mother. I am only the reciever of soup, not your daughter/OHMAHGAH accept my rabu ;___;/Gosh Ori. Shoosh. GO MAKETH ME SOME SOUP NOW)


  • "Cumslut"
  • "Bitchbag"
  • "Douchedick"
  • "O_O"
  • "I'm 12."
  • "STFU"

Other names/NicknamesEdit

  • Ori
  • OriOri
  • Original
  • Origiri
  • Origi
  • Domori
  • The_Original_Original
  • Maryam
  • Maryam's Sister
  • Yam
  • Yamone
  • Mary
  • Yamface
  • T_O_O
  • TOO
  • T_O_O is an OG


/Makes Arre soup :DEdit

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