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General Info[]

CH...CH...CHICKEN GOD!!!! (KLUUUUCKKLUCKKLUCK!!!!) and oldfag . He hates calling himself oldfag though, and is in denial. Mother of many, many chicks. HE SO AZN! And perverted. Everyone on CL is prett perverted.

Short Bio[]

DSP is a UK chicken that found itself in the realm of Colorless one day...he then took over with his chicken army to create the ultimate chicken regime. This happened during his arrival around five months ago. He's very dramatic, and used to have lots of waifus in the old days... Currently trying to prove he is indeed a chicken, whilst doing some awesome artworks on the side.


  • He's SUCH a ho! (mie)
  • DSP is waiting for Ryeka's deathscythe-hell custom
  • Nicknames include: Dispy, Dessie, Miley, Duck God, Fuck God
  • Gauche Suede lives in his closet
  • Is a masochist and uke 
  • Is a hentai baka
  • Build a MG Unicorn Gundam, he bought 1.5 years ago, on tinychat
  • He owes Keri pizza???
  • DSP's tears are considered Earth's Most Precious Mineral
  • He is really a chicken in disguise.
  • He lays quality eggs 
  • Is also a good artist on the side.
  • He likes Arrekusu because she is his favorite newfag. She is also a duckling that follows him around.
  • Shut the fuck up arrekusu 
  • He owes Keri ramen
  • He owes Hais crepes and a green tea Kit Kat


  • YumiToho and Hais (younger sisters)
  • Dec (daughter)
  • DSP x MLK x NGH = OT3 Letter Orgy
  • He has relationships with every regular. Every regular.


That is the question...

That is me backing away..."
"Lets Nerf it up at 42nd!"
*eats -insert random thing/user*