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Welcome to The Colorless Created by Gargron , The Colorless hosts prominently a chat, forum and mailing service and currently consists of a growing community with more than 30,000 members at the moment.


For a full list of all featured Users on the Colorless Wiki, please consult the Users-Category.

To find the photos user posted in IRL Thread, please consult the User Posted Photos

Creating Userpages[]

The Colorles-Wiki is going to feature pages about Users.

To provide a basic layout, the Userpage Template was created.
Please base your page on it.

Additionally, you will need to add the Users-Category to all User-pages!
You may do this by using the Add Category-button below the editor field or by adding [[Category:Users]] to the end of the page.

If you're adding relations to other Users, please use [[USERNAME]] to create internal links.

You may remove the Table of Contents using the __NOTOC__ command somewhere on the page.

Before uploading User Pictures, please make sure that the picture bears the same name as the User!

Using the Colorless Chat[]

Default appearance of Colorless chat.

When using the CL chat, the default style is used, one that replicates that from the anime Durarara.

The user's name appears on the top of the page beside the choice of appearance which is defined by the color. An icon is given to the user from its respective color listed.

Current appearances include: black, purple, lime green, dark blue, orange, blue, red, magenta, green, grey, mud green, and custom.

Current modes include: Default, Durarara!!, Durarara!!x2 Shou, Compact, Shodan and Winter.

On the bottom of the page exists an update of activities within the chat, consisting of the online/offline status of members and whether or not a member is kicked from the chat.

Beside this is located the actual counting of members existing the chat at the moment and by clicking the "See who is online," one is able to see the names of those members online.