She likes Len as a neko. She likes molesting Len in general.

Claire-chan, commonly known as Claire or Clairebear, is an adorable and lovable user who is an extreme fujoshi, much like her papa Kosuke.

She is also extremely perverted; another example of how the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. When she and Kosuke are in chat together, expect rape and fangirling. Lots of it.

She likes to hop into stranger's vans who lure her in with promises of candy. Claire is also a good cook and makes everyone hungry with talk of delicious food.

She is also a LV.100 summon spell, but lower level players can summon her with the power of a manbutt (or shotabutt) charm.

If summoned with a mancrotch (or shotacrotch) charm she will be summoned bent over.


  • Kosuke and Marbles are her parents. They are both her papa.
  • Marbles has not been around for some time and therefore Kosuke is currently a single parent.
  • She was married to Zetta for a brief period of time.
  • There were also other short-lived marriages. None of which anyone remembers.
  • She is currently married to Viral.
  • I did not have sezual relations with this woman. Whatever lies of the child she bears is all untrue, hence why it is a lie because if it's true than it wouldn't be called a lie. JoJoBird approves of this message.


"/bends over"


"i'm... hungry ;n;"

"urge to molest... rising..."

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