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An oldfag from the time before forum existed.

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She is a very kawaii girl from Sweden. She does not live in Stockholm like the regular swede does, she instead roam the ancient woods of the north. It is a mystery how she can access the internet from there but much evidence show towards viking ruins and rituals only mentioned in fairy tales of Trolls and Witches.


General Chou is more awesome than you,

  • Likes
  • Trolls who live under the bridges, I do 'not liek trolls they eat me );< Don't believe her she's lying
  • Taking pictures in Myspace-angles
  • Me <3
  • ^ Of course my dear. <3


  • Waffles
  • Pancakes
  • Unicorns


Married to @JKSuterra

Daughter to Lycan




"I love trolls who live under the bridhes so much <3"
"Finland ruled Sweden for 800 years."
"Finland invented köttbullars."


There is no information ATM!