General Information Edit

  • Name: Cainz
  • Gender: Unknown

Short Bio Edit

Cainz is a princess that is married to schizophrenia, and thanks to Gray's magic, they now have 3 sons and a daughter.

Cainz is also frequently annoyed by tsukitsune, her friend. But learned to get used to it

And head of the class in the Indonesian thread


She is a zombie protector and a princess at the same time, She is also 1/3 zombie, 1/3 ghost, 1/3 human


  • Zombies
  • Blood

Dislikes Edit

  • ....
  • ....

Relations Edit

Catchphrases/Quotes Edit

"I'm not a princess!!"

"can you help me take care of my zombies?"

"well actually I'm their protector....but you can say that!!!"


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