With piano-striped socks!!

General InformationEdit

Augmentine, (an oldfag? AHAHAHA NICE JOKE.) can be very shy meeting new people but will grow on you. She's like that sister you never wanted but you have anyway that wants to stalk and kill everyone you know and love so you keep her around and feed her wallets and sweets. She has deft hands and produces nice drawings. She also has a dark side...which should not be said. Just don't be surprised by her other side. Really. She's also an experienced stalker and loves her stalking assistants, Reina (the adorable sadistic lolita) and Aoiyuki .

Short BioEdit

Loves to go on /chat, very hyper and extremely friendly. Always looks younger than she actually is, has a voice fetish and loves to draw, bake, and cook for other people. Secretly harbors a dark side that is hidden whenever her mother comes online. Is usually protected by her Butler, other people, and her Loli/Shota aura.

The stuffed lamb with her is called Lamby-Kun, and is a demon. Helps out in the Colorless Host Club, where she is known as "Little Host."


  • Calls herself the Yandere Princess of Snip-Snip Land. Ask her why.
  • Also 5'0 (150cm) and loli. :3c Not allowed to do most things on Colorless main chat, as told by Shirosuke.
  • "No stripping, no rape, no affairs."
  • Auggy is often left out of these things. She is saddened. But easily distracted. Loves kitty-chen. :D
  • Loves shotas, lolis, and unicorns. Especially unicorns.
  • Considered the cutest on chat (although that's by her mother and a select few people xD)


Shirosuke (Mom)
Sora (Sister)
Hisora (Sister)
Hais (Sister)
Audiophile (Older Brother)
KyotachiKyoya (Idol)
2-guard (butler)


"MILES YOU BITCH!" - Miles loves being called a bitch. Especially by Auggy, because she can't swear..(she believes she can.)

"______, RABU!" - She loves everyone. EVERYONE. Except maybe Lethn.

"Moe moe beammu!~" - Super ultra moe moe kyuu~n attack!

"Mama, can I do this? Mama, can I do that? Mama, I love you!" - To Shirosuke, her mother

"Okaerinasai, gokujinsama/oniichan" - when met in the Host Club/with her older brother

"Auggy is 87% cute. 10% is when she's sleeping, which is cute, and 3% is margin of error. So essentially she's 100% cute." - |||EarlGrey|||

"Let's play again soon, okay?" - upon saying goodbye to people on /chat


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